“I Make CA” campaign is designed to spotlight the many opportunities manufacturing workers enjoy in the different regions of the state, and the tremendous pride they have in their careers and work product.

the workers that make California


Nathan reynolds



Assembly District 3, Senate District 4

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunities at Sel-Tech.  Working in the aerospace manufacturing sector is a new challenge every day, with our customers demanding extremely precise tolerances in our metalworking. Both the challenges and opportunity for career growth have led me to manufacturing.”



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Rachel Wrzek

Brewing engineer


Assembly District 11, Senate District 3

“It is so exciting to work for Anheuser-Busch in Fairfield California.  Engineering and producing high quality beers in a facility that will soon be powered by 100% renewable electricity has been an amazing opportunity. The prospects at A-B provide me with a salary and a career that would be hard to find outside of the manufacturing sector.”


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Antonio Amezcua

Lift truck driver

International Paper

Assembly District 9, Senate District 6

“I am so proud to have worked for International Paper for many years. It’s provided me with tremendous career growth and opportunities that are hard to find in other sectors. ”


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Jeff Hughes

CNC Machinist

Titans of CNC

Assembly District 6, Senate District 4

“I had been trying to get out of the bartender trade for a long time. With zero experience, Titans of CNC hired me and trained me to operate cutting edge multi-axis CNC machines. Now the future opportunities in this trade are endless for me ”


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alina kim

manufacturing engineer


Assembly District 11, Senate District 7

“I enjoy learning all the details that go into each phase of product development, from concept to design, production, and quality control.  My proudest moments are seeing my ideas come into fruition, providing solutions to others, and knowing my work is integrated into everyday processes that help our customers succeed.”


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David potts

CNC Department Lead


Assembly District 3, Senate District 4

“Bringing my 20+ years of experience in CNC machining to a cutting edge Aerospace company like Sel-Tech is very rewarding and satisfying.  Particularly in the area of aerial firefighting support, knowing that our efforts will help to save lives”


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quentin dailey

production worker 4th class


Assembly District 11, Senate District 7

“My education at Tooling University and extensive on the job training at Bishop-Wisecarver have both led me to incre-dible opportunities in manu-facturing. My love for tinkering has turned into a rewarding career at Bishop-Wiscarver with an even brighter future.”


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melissa spencer

orbital welding systems specialist

tri tool

Assembly District 8, Senate District 8

“As a third generation welder I take great pride in my work, and in knowing that every day I flip my welding hood down, I am helping to create something new.”


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Jeremy boch

welder / fabricator


Assembly District 3, Senate District 4

“As an Aerospace welder at Sel-Tech, I can take pride in what I accomplish every day and enjoy a great company to work for.  I know that my family can be proud of the great career I have chosen in life.”


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christian valencial

supply chain material handler

ca custom fruits & flavors

Assembly District 48, Senate District 22

“If it weren’t for California Custom Fruits
and Flavors I would  not have a secure, steady job to provide for my family here in California.  I started out in the prod-uction department, and was given the opportunity to work on the logistic side of the company. I’m very proud of what I do here at CCFF. ”


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derek drummond

shipping lead

international paper

Assembly District 13, Senate District 5

“At the end of the day, knowing I’ve contributed to California’s manufacturing industry and economy gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride.“


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Vanitha Patel

Sr. media duplication operator


Assembly District 25, Senate District 10

“What I enjoy most about my position at ALOM is working with cutting edge memory technology. Materials I produce become important “can’t fail” components in a wide range of mission-critical product supply chains. I like being challenged to perform at my best and working at ALOM provides me this opportunity. It is a very supportive and inclusive work culture where I feel valued and respected every day.“


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Janet Rodriguez

assistant supervisor/ production specialist; emergency response team member


Assembly District 15, Senate District 9

“I found my career at Bayer’s biotech campus in Berkeley. We develop and manufacture medicines for people around the world. I’m empowered, given opportunities to learn new processes and I work with a great team. I see a future that’s filled with possibilities for my career, my family and for the patients we help every day. ”


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